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The Dream and the Nightmare

Walk hand in hand with the Moon

^^ yo!

Eh, I am Momo! Or sarcasm_chan, this is my journal! Welcome ^^;;;

I am bad at this Bio thingy, so I won't bother you with my trials, just tell some small things about myself ^^;;

1: I am a (j)rockfan, music is one of the biggest things in life for me, and I am interested in almost any type of music, as long as the artist can bring some emotion of him/her/themselves over.

2: I write, pretty much.
The writings you can still find on my Journal are fanfics (fic archive, but be warned for the HORRIBLE English) but don't get me for an obsessed fangirl: The things I wrote, I did not connect with the real bandmembers, they have nothing to do with it. I also quit writing those fanfics recently, cause of several reasons, but if you want to read them: be my guest! ^^
The writings I might sometimes post are poems or `normal` fics, though that won´t happen often.

3: I am always there for someone who'll ever need me, and if you want something from me, doesn't matter what it is, from the smallest favour 'till the biggest question, I'll listen and consider if I am able to help you ^^

4: I am mature-thinking though childish-behaving XDD;; if you get what I mean ^^;; I forget a lot and I am clumsy and quite chaotic. Eh... ... ... ... ... And bad at describing myself. And bad in picking nicknames *nodnod* (I mean, sarcasm_chan wasn't really what I had in mind though I use it for over a year already XDD;; same for Momo...) AND A HUGE RANTER... SURPRISE! =D XDD;;

5: If you want to know more about me, just ask and try to get to know me if you want ^^

....I hope that makes a it bit clear, I am sorry if it sucks ^^;;

Lay-out, thanks to sneighz0rnator!

Oh: My LJ is mostly Friends Only, apart from my fic archive and some posts, if you want to add me, be my guest ^^ but please do leave a comment m(_ _)m otherwise I won't add you back!

...Sayounara bitches! ^----^v <33

P.S: as you probably noticed: My English is kinda crappy! ^^;;;;; sorry for that m(_ _)m

P.S: I got stamped as Uruha in jrockclones. Don't ask me why, I don't get it either XD;